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Together, the ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service and ADMIRALTY Raster Chart Service give you easy access to the world’s widest suite of digital charts. Ideal for both planning and navigation, they can help simplify operational tasks and improve situational awareness.


Find out more by talking to an ADMIRALTY Chart Agent. You can locate one here


"ARCS improves decision-making when it comes to manoeuvring - particularly in confined waters with dense traffic" - Captain Henrik Somer (Senior Master, Maersk)


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The world’s widest official coverage, enabling compliant navigation to over 4,000 of the busiest ports worldwide. AVCS includes unique coverage for over 150 ports.

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Quick electronic updating and additional navigational information for improved situational awareness.

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100% official charts, with certification provided for Port State inspections.

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For more information on how AVCS and ARCS can help you and your fleet, please contact your ADMIRALTY Chart Agent. You can locate a Chart Agent here.

You can also find out more about each individual product by downloading a FactSheet:

> Download the AVCS FactSheet

> Download the ARCS FactSheet



                  ARCS and AVCS Charts displayed side-by-side. 


The World's Widest Coverage for Ships Navigating InternationallyADP bar

AVCS provides the widest official digital chart coverage available, allowing ships to navigate to 4,000 of the busiest ports in the world. When this coverage is used alongside ARCS, bridge crews can quickly identify additional information - such as dredged depths and berth names – that can help to improve efficiency and safety on the bridge. This combination of wide coverage, familiarity and ease of use gives you the most trusted digital chart service for ships trading internationally.

Improved Situational AwarenessADP bar

ARCS combines the familiarity of traditional ADMIRALTY paper charts with the precision of satellite positioning and efficiency of electronic updating. When used alongside AVCS, this service can improve situational awareness and help users to make fast, well informed decisions.

To help bridge crews identify areas of possible navigational uncertainty and risk at the crucial passage planning stage, those using AVCS will also receive the unique ADMIRALTY Information Overlay (AIO) at no extra cost. You can find out more about AIO here.

100% official chartsADP bar

The electronic charts supplied by AVCS and ARCS meet the International Maritime Organization IMO Performance Standards. In fact, with Flag State approval, raster charts may be used in ECDIS for navigation in those areas where ENCs are not yet available.

Comprehensive updates are also issued every week within the basic subscriptions price, including all Notices to Mariners, New Editions and Replacement charts as well as any relevant new charts. All updates can be applied electronically in seconds, improving efficiency and reducing pressure on the bridge.