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Maritime safety information

Incoming hydrographic data is immediately assessed for vital information. Urgent updates are issued as Navigational Warnings (RNW's) or chart-updating Notices to Mariners (NMs)

Link to Notices to Mariners

Notices to Mariners

Keep informed about safety critical information. Search and download Notices to Mariners from here.

Link to Message to Hydrographers

Hydrographic Notes

Hydrographic Notes are available to download here, for informing us of any navigationally significant information.

Link to Radio Navigational Warnings

Radio Navigational Warnings

We act as the NAVAREA I (NE Atlantic) Co-ordinator for the IMO) and IHO Worldwide Navigational Warning Service and also as the United Kingdom National Co-ordinator for issuing coastal warnings.

Link to Admiralty Information Overlay

Admiralty Information Overlay

The Admiralty Information Overlay is a digital data set that is designed to be displayed over ENCs in ECDIS and other chart display systems to provide additional information to the navigator.

Link to Updating Service

Updates for digital charts

The Admiralty Updating Service is an on-line service for subscribers to Admiralty digital chart services that offers immediate access to the latest digital chart updates over the Internet.

Admiralty Updating Service for digital publications

Updates for digital publications

Admiralty's digital publications for Lights and Radio Signals can be updated online using this dedicated website.