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Navigate the world’s oceans with confidence, using world-leading navigation information. Enabling you to safeguard your crew, cargo, ship and the environment, we provide the highest level of navigational information available, thanks to our unique combination of expertise, data verification, triple-checking and weekly updates.

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Worldwide navigation at large, medium and small scale - 3,300-plus official Admiralty charts cover deep sea and coastal passages, as well as port approaches and harbour berthing.

But it's not just coverage that sets us apart. We support safety through comprehensive weekly updates and the commitment of more than 1,000 full-time people – including cartographers, compilers and other specialists dedicated to quality and accuracy.

Standard Nautical Charts


Global coverage

New port developments, changing trading patterns and routes mean we're constantly reviewing our chart coverage. We achieve this through detailed analysis of the global environment by our own staff, as well as through close cooperation with other national hydrographic offices.

  • More than 3,300 charts cover key areas and routes
  • Constant monitoring of port developments and new requirements

Frequent updates

Ensure that mariners are informed of all the latest chart changes, as soon as possible.

  • Notices to Mariners published weekly on our website and available as a paper bulletin
  • Special focus on buoys, shipwrecks, traffic separation and other safety-related features
  • We're constantly receiving, assessing and processing new information to update our charts

Committed to quality

Originating in 1795, we have been helping protect mariners' lives for over 200 years and are a world-leader in hydrography and navigation. That's why we're the name to rely on.

  • 1,000+ full-time people, that include cartographers, compilers, surveyors and other specialists totally committed to quality and accuracy
  • 200,000+ pieces of new information verified each year – triple-checked before release
  • Our paper charts are instantly recognised throughout the world
  • Unique Admiralty paper that's famed for its durability and long life

Admiralty offers:

The de-facto chart portfolio

Admiralty prioritises:

Safety first at all times

Admiralty has:

People committed to quality and accuracy

Benefit from peace of mind with the world's leading ENC service, providing berth-to-berth coverage of most of the world's busiest shipping routes, including coverage of most of the world's biggest and busiest ports.

What's more, it's compatible with all type-approved makes of ECDIS, and is the first choice for the majority of international commercial ships currently navigating digitally.

Admiralty Vector Chart Service


An overview of the Admiralty Vector Chart Service including a look at the Admiralty Information Overlay feature

"We use Admiralty Information Overlay as an integral element of our ECDIS-based navigation. The Information Overlay is making passage planning and the task of keeping track of the latest ENC updates much easier and it will also help our crews to demonstrate compliance during PSC inspections.

"Overall, it has proved to be another important element in our efforts to continually improve the safety and efficiency of navigation."

Soren Andersen, Marine Superintendent, SQE at Nordic Tankers Marine A/S

Exceptional quality and unrivalled coverage

Admiralty Vector Chart Service provides the widest official coverage of many of the world's busiest shipping routes including the waters of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates and, significantly, the Malacca Strait.

What's more, Admiralty Vector Chart Service includes 2,950 of the top ports worldwide, of which we offer unique coverage for over 250. This means you can sail on ECDIS for the entirety of most major routes.

Examples include Singapore to Felixstowe via Suez, Rotterdam to Hong Kong via Cape of Good Hope, Ras Tanura to Rotterdam via Suez, Hong Kong to Long Beach via Yokohama, and Hamburg to New York.


Compatible with every make of ECDIS

Admiralty Vector Chart Service is compatible with all type-approved makes of ECDIS. So whichever system you choose, you can be confident it can handle the world's leading ENC service.

All ENCs in the Admiralty Vector Chart Service have been put through a robust validation process to ensure they load and display correctly on ECDIS equipment.

Download the AVCS
factsheet here

Unique ADMIRALTY Information Overlay

ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service customers also benefit from the free ADMIRALTY Information Overlay. This is the only service to include the worldwide ADMIRALTY Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners to support your ships with passage planning. The Overlay is also the only service to include the results of UKHO's comprehensive review of the world's ENCs to identify navigationally significant differences between ENCs and ADMIRALTY paper charts.

The Information Overlay can be accessed using ADMIRALTY e-Navigator, our chart viewer and navigation information management and ordering software, as well as via a growing number of ECDIS.

Admiralty provides:

Official coverage of most of the world's busiest ports and routes

Admiralty prioritises:

Confidence in your ENC service

Admiralty provides:

The most comprehensive and up-to-date information

Smart simplicity makes Admiralty Raster Chart Service the ideal introduction to electronic navigation. It displays our catalogue of more than 3,000 paper charts instantly on screen, and for maximum flexibility you only pay for what you need because they are licensed chart-by-chart.

Admiralty Raster Chart Service


The familiarity of paper plus fast digital access

  • Easy to use - retaining the internationally recognised Admiralty paper chart imagery and symbols
  • Extensive digital coverage of international commercial shipping routes, main ports and harbours in a range of scales
  • Flexible 'chart by chart' licensing structure

Admiralty means:

An ideal introduction to digital navigation

The most comprehensive digital navigation chart service available is straightforward, hassle-free and simple to manage and maintain.

Admiralty ECDIS Service


The best of both worlds

Take full advantage of both official ENCs and Admiralty Raster Chart Service with a convenient, easy-to-use package at a fixed annual price.

Our ECDIS service package is available for easy installation in 36 regional folios and at three coverage levels:

  • Transit – for safe transit including key ports of refuge and bunkerage ports
  • Standard – for operational use including all key ports and approach charts
  • Full – the complete ENC/Admiralty Raster Chart Service chart set

Admiralty offers:

The most comprehensive raster and vector data package available