About the conference

The Blue Data Conference addressed some of the defining questions for our ocean industries and the marine environment. Leading experts in ocean science, marine data and the blue economy explored the transformative power of blue data.


Addressing the big marine questions

When it comes to our oceans, we need to work together to find effective solutions. Opinion leaders from the global marine community shared their insight and expertise on the key challenges facing us all. This conversation is ongoing and ever-changing. The conference sessions are collated below, to inspire, inform and continue the conversation around blue data.

The blue economic opportunity

How do we unlock the vast potential of the blue economy?

Discover how the blue economy has the potential to change millions of lives around the world, how it could unlock trillions of dollars of sustainable economic value, and how we can realise these benefits.

Data and sustainable development

How do we harness the power of the oceans to reach our sustainable development goals?

Hear from experts who are setting the agenda on the sustainable management of our ocean resources and find out how data and partnerships are transforming our relationship with our oceans for the better.

The future of navigation

How will shipping's digital revolution shape the next era of navigation technologies?

Find out how shipping's digital and data transformation is redefining the future of navigation, from the bridge to the boardroom. From driving safety standards and unlocking new efficiencies, to supporting the advance of autonomous shipping.
Blue Data Conference 2021

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