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ADMIRALTY Passage Planner

Passage planning made easier with dynamic clearance and leg-speed recalculations



Passage PlannerPassage PlannerAPPHelping bridge crews to create compliant passage plans that can be dynamically updated during the planning process.YESNO<img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/ContentPodItemImages/20160708_PassagePlannerPOD_v01.jpg?RenditionID=17" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><a href="/digital-services/admiralty-passage-planner"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icgen.gif" />admiralty-passage-planner</a>

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ADMIRALTY Passage Planner helps bridge officers to​ create compliant passage plans, with clearance and leg-speed calculations that can be automatically updated during the planning process.​

Key features of ADMIRALTY Passage Planner include:

  • Helps bridge officers calculate safe clearances based on the squat effect

  • Calculates waypoint ETAs and required leg speeds

  • Supports Port State Control and SMS requirements

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Here to help

Once you’ve chosen ADMIRALTY Passage Planner we can offer you guidance to help you get the most from the service. Support items include YouTube tutorials and user guides, with further support available from chart agents and our in-house customer service team.

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Available around the world

We distribute our products through a global network of experienced and trusted ADMIRALTY Chart Agents. If you are interested in finding out more about ADMIRALTY Passage Planner, please contact your preferred chart agent or visit the find a chart agent page to locate your closest distributor.

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​Confidence in ship clearance calculations

ADMIRALTY Passage Planner allows bridge officers to automatically calculate safe clearances according to their ship's confined water situation.

Results ​are constantly checked against given parameters, highlighting potential dangers that may become obvious in the current passage plan. This means users do not have to manually re-check calculations when there are changes to the plan, and can be confident that they will be informed if the plan does not meet the safety criteria they have set.


​Saving time with dynamic calculations

Bridge officers can manage a ship's scheduling within ADMIRALTY Passage Planner. Specified ETAs, passing times and required leg speeds are automatically updated and re-validated when dates, times and other key facts change - saving repetitive manual re-work.


Integrates with other ADMIRALTY applications

Integration ​with ADMIRALTY TotalTide enables​ users to automatically add tidal heights and times to the passage plan report and to squat calculations.

ADMIRALTY Passage Planner also allows the user to check the validity of AVCS permits against the proposed passage schedule.

Find out more about ADMIRALTY TotalTide here >



Calculations such as Under Keel Clearance are made easy with the integration of TotalTide. Speeds and ETAs are also automatically updated when managing ship schedules.


Routes can be shared with popular ECDIS

ADMIRALTY Passage Planner allows bridge officers to import and use routes that have been generated on compatible ECDIS models. Any changes made to the passage plan can also be saved and loaded into these​ ECDIS for final validation checks and navigation.


Complying with ship’s SMS and port state requirements

Port State Control will accept reports as part of the evidence needed to prove that the next passage is properly planned and compliant with regulations. Updates to the plan are automatically reported thereby saving time and avoiding errors.


Easy to share, store and archive​

Reports can be stored as a single compressed PDF file, and include a detailed summary of tidal predictions and AVCS permit status for the planned passage.

The document can be printed or shared with other ADMIRALTY Passage Planner users, like shipping companies and sister ships.​



User settings can be entered to comply with the ship management
company’s safety management systems. Users can also save, print and share their final passage plans.


IMO passage planning checklist ​and intuitive wizards for key tasks​

Bridge officers are guided through more complex processes, such as clearance calculations,​ so that consistent and accurate results are achieved quickly. An industry standard IMO checklist also helps users to confirm that all planning tasks are considered and completed, with a visual marking of percentage identifying when the planning process is reported and finished.​


Available now on ADMIRALTY gateway

ADMIRALTY Passage Planner is available to use on ADMIRALTY gateway. This  single easy-to-use platform helps bridge crews to simplify ordering, updating, viewing and reporting tasks across a range of ADMIRALTY Maritime Products & Services.

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Below you will find information to support you in your use of ADMIRALTY Passage Planner, including detailed user guides and support films. If you cannot find the answer to your questions, then whom you contact will depend on the nature of your query. Please see who to contact below for more details.


ADMIRALTY gateway User​ Guide

Includes information on installation, creating routes and calculating clearances.

Download the ADMIRALTY gateway User Guide


ADMIRALTY Passage Planner Support Films

We have a range of support films to help you use ADMIRALTY Passage Planner, including guidance on registration, adding scheduling to a plan and using tidal information.​

View the range of ADMIRAL​TY Passage Planner Support Films 



ADMIRALTY Passage Planner can be accessed and updated via ADMIRALTY gateway. The ADMIRALTY gateway DVD is released on a quarterly basis and contains the latest versions of the software, user guides and support films.


Who to contact?​​

If none of these resources can resolve any existing issues, please contact the ADMIRALTY Chart Agent that you purchased ADMIRALTY Passage Planner from. If they are unable to help then our in-house customer service team can be contacted on or phone +44 (0)1823 484444.


ADMIRALTY Passage Planner is licensed on an annual basis at £350. Please note that all prices do not include VAT or other local taxes.


ADMIRALTY Passage Planner Trial

​New users can trial ADMIRALTY Passage Planner for before purchasing. To find out more about product trials, please talk to your ADMIRALTY Chart Agent.​


Choosing and ordering

We sell ADMIRALTY Passage Planner through an international network of experienced and trusted chart agents. Please contact your ADMIRALTY Chart Agent to discuss the right package of charts for you and the appropriate pricing model.

If you don’t have a preferred chart agent, then you can search a list of worldwide ADMIRALTY Chart Agents on our find an ADMIRALTY Chart Agent page.

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