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25 February 2013

The Practical Use of ENCs

The Admiralty Guide to the Practical Use of ENCs reference products, NP 231 and CBT 231, provide supplementary information relating to the safe use of ENCs. They are of benefit to ENC users and trainers as well as those responsible for risk and safety management during the transition to ECDIS and after implementation.

The topics covered include ENCs and display scale, ENC accuracy and user controls for ENC display.

NP231 is a comprehensive reference guide designed to provide in-depth information on the practical use of ENCs as a companion to formal training.

CBT 231 is an interactive computer based training CD with a run time of approximately four hours. It is a modular learning tool designed to instruct, refresh and assess the user’s knowledge of ENCs. It gives the user a high level of understanding of the topic area and helps to embed the knowledge.