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We have the pleasure of inviting you to join our Living with ECDIS Seminar

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Living with ECDIS requires the ship manager and the ship's officers to be constantly aware of changes in legal requirements and maintenance issues.

The seminar will be presented by Capt. Paul Hailwood and Tom Mellor.  Capt. Hailwood will draw on his extensive experience with assisting shipping companies with the adoption and ongoing management of ECDIS.  Tom Mellor is UKHO Head of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Support and Digital Standards.  Tom is also the Chairman of the ENC Working Group which assesses standards on behalf of the IHO.

The responsibilities of the shipping company will be highlighted and discussed in relation to the key topics below, with your questions and comments encouraged throughout the seminar to make the event interactive. 

  • Legal Requirements
  • ECDIS Maintenance
  • Chart Data Considerations
  • ECDIS Management

The seminar will benefit any person involved with the shipping industry including, managers, owners, ship personnel, regulators and auditors to achieve this important requirement. You will have ample opportunity to get involved, bring your issues and challenges, ask questions and seek solutions whilst networking with other industry colleagues.

Event Location
​Cyprus | Register ​22 March 2016
​Posidonia | Register 7-9 June​ 2016


Captain Paul Hailwood

Paul has significant experience in the Merchant Navy and Maritime Industry and has proven ability in every setting and achieving program goals through sound project management, lateral thinking and motivation of colleagues.

Paul's educational background includes a Certificate of Competency Master (STCW 95) Unlimited, MSc Research and Consultancy and is a Younger Brethren of Trinity House.

Paul is an internationally renowned expert on ECDIS and integrated bridge operations. He specialises in assisting shipping companies with the development and implementation of practical and efficient bridge procedures during the adoption of Integrated Bridge Systems including ECDIS.

Paul has worked with many prestigious new ship builds and shipping companies, including cruises ships, tankers, large yachts and numerous other commercial companies. In addition to this work he conducts Risk Management surveys for insurance underwriters and has acted as expert witness on a number of navigation related incidents.

Thomas Mellor

Thomas Mellor is the Head of OEM Technical Support and Digital Standards at the UKHO. He is responsible for the UKHO technical programme, providing  consultancy to ECDIS OEMs and third party developers who use ADMIRALTY Nautical Products & Services in their applications. He is also heavily involved with the development and maintenance of International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. In addition to this, Tom is the Chairman of the IHO Electronic Navigational Chart Working Group (ENC WG), leading on all aspects of ENC and ECDIS standards.

Tom has a vast amount of expertise’s and knowledge of emerging IHO standards S-100 and S-101, and took responsibility for drafting the first product specification of S-101. After a three year period working offshore in the oil and gas sector he came back on land and joined the UKHO as an ENC complier in 2003.