Supporting safe, secure and thriving oceans

In an ever-changing world, our oceans are under increasing pressure with advances in technology, busier seas and pressing environmental challenges. Our experts support safe navigation across the globe by providing hydrographic understanding to inform maritime decisions from ship to shore.

Our role in government

Working as an executive agency of the Ministry of Defence, we play a leading role in providing expert advice on hydrography to the UK and international governments. We source, compile and analyse a wide range of data to help our partners build an understanding of the marine environment.

For safer navigation

The UKHO provides hydrographic understanding to help our partners and mariners use the world’s oceans in safer and more sustainable ways.

For over 225 years our global portfolio of ADMIRALTY charts, publications and digital services have been trusted by mariners and shipping companies for safe, compliant and efficient navigation.

Supporting defence with specialist expertise

In the UK, the Royal Navy and other defence users rely on our hydrographic data and expertise for safe navigation and to support operations that help promote peace on a global scale.

Our role in hydrography

We are the Primary Charting Authority for 63 coastal states. Engaging with partners across the globe we support nations with safe, efficient and effective management of their marine space.


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Our governance


We provide hydrographic data and advice as part of our public task to deliver our Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) obligations, supporting safe passage in UK waters and other primary charting areas. Follow the links below to find out more about the UKHO.

Our organisation


Our values are the guiding principles to help us work together to achieve our goals. We're continuing to create an environment where our people and organisation thrive so we can deliver our vision.

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