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We have many teams, each with unique skills and responsibilities. From handling data to meeting the needs of our customers, we work together to deliver as a world-leading centre for hydrography. 

Technology roles


To develop and deliver ground-breaking solutions, we need lateral thinkers. 

Our technology teams make up one-third of the staff at the UKHO, spanning software and test engineering, enterprise and solutions architecture, data science and engineering, and analysis and support.

We take agile seriously. Our delivery teams are small but have the people they need to deliver, including developers, testers, a product owner and a delivery manager. They also have access to infrastructure specialists, user experience experts and analysts.

We strive to automate as much as possible. Testing, builds, and deployments use the latest tools available. 

Quality is paramount. We support our teams to do exceptional work. We develop code in pairs or larger groups to ensure quality and circulate knowledge. 


Meet some of our technical team at the UKHO and understand what life is like in our ever-growing technology department. 

Corporate and people roles

Our corporate services, from finance and legal teams to security and facilities management, underpin our organisation. Our teams work hard to ensure the workplace operates safely, securely, cost-consciously and environmentally aware. 

We also have a dedicated people division, including human resources, internal communications and government relations that are integral to shaping our culture. Our people division is passionate about helping to make UKHO a great workplace. Their purpose is to improve our organisation's performance and promote inspiring, confident and empowering behaviours across the workplace.

Commercial and operations roles

The sales of our products and services fund our organisation. We are passionate about serving the needs of our customers, including the international shipping companies who buy our products, the mariners using our services at sea and our global network of distributors.

To deliver these products and services, we undertake a range of functions: market research, design and innovation, product management, channel management and sales, intellectual property and licensing, marketing communications and customer service. 

To develop our products, we have a large operations division that manages and compiles all incoming data to produce our charts, publications and services. 

Our teams work together to provide the best possible service to our varied customers and continually improve our portfolio of ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions. 

Hydrographic data roles

Data underpins all that we offer at the UKHO. 

We have a number of skilled teams in data acquisition that work worldwide to build and maintain partnerships with data suppliers and the wider hydrographic community. We collaborate with other hydrographic offices, support data collection through hydrographic programmes, deliver international training and engage with other organisations and technical bodies.

Our work ensures we have the widest possible range of assured data and reuse permissions within our data platform. 

Defence roles

All UK defence vessels, from ships to submarines, rely on our navigational and operational products and services.

We work closely with the Royal Navy and other defence customers to develop and deliver specialist products to support national defence and security; these include specialist navigational charts for submarines with intricate, contour-rich detail to aid subsea navigation. 

Our defence teams provide information and expertise to those customers to further their understanding of the maritime environment, such as marine mammal activity, territorial boundaries, seasonal weather conditions, and more. Not only does this information support UK defence, but it can help minimise the environmental impact of military activity, whether under, on or above the sea.


Our apprenticeship scheme offers the opportunity to gain practical experience in the workplace as a paid employee, all while studying towards an industry-recognised qualification. Our apprentices are supported along their learning journey to enhance their skills and career development.

Our apprenticeship scheme can help you to develop these skills under the mentorship of internal experts while furthering your education and gaining a formal qualification at the same time.

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We are always looking for talented and skilled individuals to join our team. View a list of our current vacancies and find out how you can apply.

How to apply


Find out how to apply for roles at the UKHO and how we assess applicants using the Civil Service Success Profile Framework. 

Life at UKHO


Each team member plays a crucial role in what we do, so we strive to create a working environment in which they can thrive.  Find out more about our community, working culture and some of the benefits we offer as an employer.