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With more data being collected and shared across the maritime and geospatial industries than ever before, having a common set of standards is key to making this data accessible, compatible and valuable to those using it both now and in the future. This is the challenge the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) sought to address through the new S-100 framework, which offers a universal data standard to enrich the next generation of products for hydrographic, maritime shipping and geographic information system (GIS) communities.

These standards will help underpin the next generation of navigation technology and sustainable ocean management. Unlocking the power of information through the next generation of shared data standards can deliver a positive, transformative impact across international ship navigation. It will also support the protection and improvement of marine habitats, coastal communities’ national resources, and national infrastructure. As a result, there are huge economic, commercial, technical, risk, safety and environmental benefits to be gained.


Discover how S-100 data sets will support the future of navigation

S-101 Electronic Navigational Charts

This data set is the base layer on which all the other S-100 based products can be overlaid.

S-101 is the product specification for Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs). The S-101 ENC trial data set has been produced to support ECDIS manufacturers and associated partners with the development and practical use of these navigational data sets. The trial data provides coverage that matches the existing S-57 GB ENC scheme for conformity and to aid comparison and interoperability with additional S-100 products.;

S-102 Bathymetric surface

This high-resolution bathymetric layer helps users better understand the associated risk and complexity of the seafloor.

S-102 is the product specification for bathymetric surfaces, containing high-resolution profiles of the seafloor in a regular grid structure. The S-102 bathymetric surface trial data set contains high resolution profiles of the seafloor that can be used to help reduce the risk and complexity for ships entering and exiting confined waterways and, when combined with other S-100 data sets, can support the mariner's operational decision-making process.

S-104 Water level Information for surface navigation

Helping users understand the changes in water levels, this data set provides tidal and water level information for dynamic tidal applications.

S-104 is the product specification for water level information for surface navigation. The S-104 trial data set contains gridded coverage of forecast water levels and astronomical tidal height prediction points, both of which are fundamental in route planning and entry to ports for navigation and other purposes.

S-111 Surface currents

Provides the speed and direction of currents to an approximate depth of 25 metres.

S-111 is the product specification for tidal surface currents for surface navigation. The S-111 surface current trial data set has been designed to describe both surface current speed and surface current direction, with the values in the data set in either grid or point coverage.

S-121 Maritime limits and boundaries

This data set supports users who need knowledge of national and international maritime limits, zones and boundaries.

S-121 is the product specification for maritime limits and boundaries.  The S-121 trial data set provides maritime limits and boundaries defined under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). 

S-122 Marine Protected Areas

The S-122 data set depicts enhanced MPA (Marine Protected Area) information. Highlighting areas of high standard marine protection through combining information from a range of regional sources helps the mariner to make effective decisions whilst navigating.

S-122 is the product specification for combining multiple data sets encompassing relevant MPA information, including a wide range of data sources, production authorities and contact details. Alongside other S-100 data sets, S-122 aims to support the mariner's operational decision-making.


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