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ADMIRALTY Reference and Plotting Charts

Our extensive range of reference and plotting charts are designed to be used alongside official navigational charts, whether SNCs or ENCs, to help bridge crews create safe and efficient passage plans.

Gnomonic Charts

Used in passage planning to plot great circle routes as straight lines and for devising composite rhumb line courses. Fifteen charts cover the world at scales of 1:13,500,000 and 1:26,500,000.​​​

World Time Zone Chart

​Supports planning across different time-zones by relating local arrival and departure times to the standard Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Load Line Regulation Charts

​Information to ensure ships remain compliant and watertight by indicating legal freeboard allowances across seasonal zones worldwide. 

Magnetic Variation Charts

​Detailed coverage of the variation of magnetic fields worldwide.

Co-Tidal Charts

​Help bridge crews to predict offshore tidal conditions. Each chart marks points on a coastline where the high water time is the same, while arrowheads show the main direction of the tidal stream. 

Astronomical Charts

​Astronomical Charts facilitate the accurate plotting of a ship's position from astronomical observations.

Mercator Plotting Sheets

​Used by navigators to plot positions, lines of position, perform dead reckoning and compute bearings from navigation aids. These sheets use the Mercator projection: the scale is 1:1,000,000 and the dimensions are 1000 x 627 mm.

Meteorological Charts and Diagrams

​These charts form a series of 27 meteorological working charts. 

Ocean Plotting Sheets

​Designed to help mariners plot their journeys, these sheets are available for a range of latitudes and use Mercator with a compass rose or Stereographic Projection.​