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ADMIRALTY Digital Publications Software Developer Kit (SDK)

Information to help you integrate ADMIRALTY Digital Publications into your ECDIS or applications

Our ADP Software Developer Kit (SDK) can help you integrate ADP with your ECDIS or applications and deliver extra benefits to the mariner.

ADMIRALTY Digital Publications (ADP) are digital versions of UKHO's market-leading paper-based nautical reference books, ADMIRALTY Nautical Publications.  ADP applications are widely accepted as meeting SOLAS carriage requirements for nautical reference books and contain the same information as their paper equivalents. 

What is an SDK?

SDK is a Software Development Kit. It supports programmatic access to the functionality in the ADP applications. Each product supports an Application Programming Interface (API). Using this you can integrate ADP into other applications. For example ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals (ADRS) could be used to create an overlay of Vessel Traffic Services on a chart display, or ADMIRALTY TotalTide could be used to predict tide heights for a passage planning system.

Why should I include ADP in my product?

ADP provide worldwide coverage and nothing similar currently exists on this scale from any other official source. In addition we actively encourage OEMs to develop additional ECDIS functionality that will exploit the most from this unique data resource.


Why do my customers need ADP?

The digital applications provide greater efficiency and flexibility and ADP can be individually licensed, installed, used and updated. Bridge officers can also make one working copy of each licensed application per vessel. This means you can use the applications on two separate computers onboard while satisfying SOLAS requirements.


Is there any cost for ADP development?

There is no charge made for access to any of the technical documentation or for the ADP testing.


What support does the UKHO provide?

We will provide technical information on ADP and access to the ADP SDK website, which provides the tools to understand the major concepts as well as all the technical documentation necessary to develop and test an ADP SDK implementation.


What happens after ADP SDK development?

We are committed to all who develop capabilities to use the ADP SDK. In return we request that we are informed when an implementation has reached maturity and are commercially available.


How do I start ADP development?

For more information on how to become an ADP accredited developer and to access all our technical resources please contact