Unlocking voyage optimisation

From smart ports to voyage optimisation, we’re exploring new markets and seeking to demonstrate how the power of digital navigation will enable intelligent and sustainable decision-making. We are an advocate for  the power of marine data, which can play a vital role in protecting our oceans in the face of environmental pressures. Our data science capabilities can play an important role in supporting better decision-making across the maritime ecosystem, to the shared benefit of all ocean users.

Cargo ship coming into berth

Internal collaboration shapes our approach

This year the shipping sector has seen further acceleration around the global energy transition and the rise of environmental considerations. Within the maritime industry, voyage optimisation is a term reflecting the need for vessels to navigate more efficiently; supporting efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, whilst maintaining safe operation and compliance.


Utilising a new multi-disciplinary team approach we have been exploring the concept of voyage optimisation, both to understand what this means to the UKHO and to the wider maritime industry.

This multi-disciplinary team demonstrates a new way of working at the UKHO, bringing together specialists from across the organisation. Colleagues are working together to unlock a broader understanding of voyage optimisation, and to identify the opportunities it holds for the industry.

The team also consider the multitude of stakeholders it impacts across the industry and their needs, developing of new techniques and processes to support efficiency generation, and ultimately maritime decarbonisation.

Understanding critical factors


Through this piece of discovery work we have been able to identify a number of critical factors, such as, emissions regulations, changes in fuel types, and operational behaviours, underpinned by the long standing contractual architecture of the industry. Alongside this, the importance of voyage analytics, route optimisation and appropriate supporting data. This insight presents potential opportunities for UKHO to explore in more detail in the years to come.

The maritime industry is seeing rapid changes, driven by a more efficient, decarbonised approach to global shipping. We are contributing to the next generation of navigation solutions, meeting the industry’s evolving needs through innovation and working together.

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