Free tidal predictions for port locations in the British Isles

ADMIRALTY EasyTide service provides free access to 7-day tidal predictions for over 600 British Isles port locations, displayed as a tide table and tidal curve.

Leisure users can access tidal predictions, including lunar phases, for safer use of the sea in activities such as water sports, beach going, coastal walking and sailing.

Screenshot of ADMIRALTY EasyTide

Features of ADMIRALTY EasyTide

  • Tide times displayed as a tide table and tidal curve
  • Abnormal tide behaviours highlighted in ‘footnotes’ displayed on the Predictions Dashboard
  • Export feature, enabling users to print tidal predictions
  • Lunar phases outlined within the tide table
  • Responsive across desktop, mobile and tablet
Access ADMIRALTY EasyTide

What alternative products does the UKHO provide to Enhanced Predictions?


The UKHO provides alternatives to Enhanced Predictions through other tidal products, including the following:

  • ADMIRALTY Tidal Prediction Service (TPS): For users seeking long-range tidal forecasts, TPS enables them to purchase current year+2 for UK tidal stations in a range of formats.
  • Tidal APIs: For those looking to integrate tidal information into their own platforms, the UKHO's range of Discovery, Foundation and Premium APIs are available to access through the website.
  • ADMIRALTY TotalTide: For users looking for a more detailed analysis of tides along their international routes, the TotalTide desktop application is available to purchase through ADMIRALTY distributors.

How can I give feedback?


We are constantly reviewing the roadmaps for our tidal products, and so your feedback is extremely helpful as we look ahead to future iterations. Please contact customerservices@ukho.gov.uk.