Port-scale charts containing a wide range of planning information for some of the world's busiest approaches


ADMIRALTY Port Approach Guides take information from existing ADMIRALTY charts and publications to help simplify a number of passage planning tasks and support Master Pilot Exchange (MPX).

Key features of Port Approach Guides include:

  • Planning information for individual ports including principal lights and landmarks, pilotage and port specific warnings. Displayed on one chart, this information can help users to simplify the planning of port entry and exit.​​
  • International Code of Signals (ICS) flags help bridge officers quickly identify warnings and current notices for specific ports, increasing situational awareness and supporting safe navigation.

Our product demonstration film gives you a visual overview of the product's key features


We provide regular ADMIRALTY Notices to Mariners (NMs) to help you ensure your ADMIRALTY publications are maintained and up-to-date with the latest safety critical information.

These weekly NMs can be downloaded for free from our website, or the paper bulletin can be bought from your ADMIRALTY Distributor.

How to buy


Each ADMIRALTY Port Approach Guide has a recommended retail price of £33.30. A full list of Port Approach Guides, their coverage and scales can be viewed in the Catalogue of ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions. 

We sell ADMIRALTY Port Approach Guides through a network of experienced and trusted distributors. Please contact your ADMIRALTY Distributor to discuss the right package of charts for you and pricing.

​​If you don’t have a preferred distributor, then you can search a list of worldwide ADMIRALTY Distributors on our find an distributor page.

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