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ADMIRALTY Standard Nautical Charts

The world's leading portfolio of official paper charts

ADMIRALTY Standard Nautical Charts (SNCs)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ADMIRALTY Standard Nautical Charts (SNCs) are the world's most trusted and widely used official paper charts. The range includes comprehensive paper coverage of commercial shipping routes, ports and harbours to help bridge crews safely navigate in accordance with SOLAS regulations.

  • ​​​Over 3,500 ADMIRALTY charts with coverage appropriate for navigation of deep sea, coastal passages, port approaches and harbour berthing.

  • A range of scales to provide appropriate levels of detail and increase situational awareness, including: Large-scale charts for main ports and harbours, medium scale charts for coastal navigation and small-scale charts for offshore navigation.

  • Weekly updates and new editions to help maintain high levels of accuracy, safety and compliance.  


We provide regular ADMIRALTY NMs to h​elp ensure your ADMIRALTY charts are maintained and up-to-date with the latest safety critical information. These weekly NMs can be downloaded for free from our website, or the paper bulletin can be bought from your ADMIRALTY .

View and download the latest NMs here >


Available through Print on Demand (POD)

POD allows our ADMIRALTY Distributors to print the latest SNCs on site and fulfil your ship’s urgent orders in the ​​​quickest time possible.​

You can find out which ADMIRALTY Distributors offer POD on our How to Buy​ page.​

How to update Standard Nautical Charts (SNCs) Tutorials

We provide regular ADMIRALTY Notices to Mariners (NMs) to h​elp you ensure your ADMIRALTY charts are maintained and up-to-date with the latest safety critical information.  To help you carry out these updates, we've created a range of short tutorials that demonstrate how to apply NM using our tracings, what equipment you should use and what to do if you make a mistake. You can access these films by clicking on the links below. Alternatively you can view the whole playlist on the ADMIRALTY YouTube Channel.

Watch the How to Update your SNCs Playlist >​​​


​Film Title​Description​Link

​​Equipment and tools

​The tools you will need, and how to use them, when updating ADMIRALTY Standard Nautical Charts using ADMIRALTY Notices to Mariners.​

Watch Tutorial

An overview of Notices to Mariners and how to use them ​

An overview of NMs, how to use them and keep a record of applied updates 

Watch Tutorial​

​Explanation of terms and symbols

​An explanation of terms and symbols you might find in on an NM Tracing

Watch Tutorial

​Inserting a cable

​How to insert a cable

Watch Tutorial

​Inserting a legend

​How to insert a legend

Watch Tutorial

​Amend the range of a light

​How to amend the range of a light

​​Watch Tutorial​

​Inserting a buoy and description

​How to insert a buoy and description

Watch Tutorial

​Moving a light beacon

​How to move a light beacon

​​Watch Tutorial

​Inserting and deleting a leading line

​How to insert and delete a leading line

Watch Tutorial

​Replacing a depth 

​How to replace a depth

​​Watch Tutorial​​

​Deleting a buoy and description

​How to delete a buoy and description

Watch Tutorial

​Deleting a light description and sector

​How to delete a light, description and sector

Watch Tutorial​

​Deleting a note

​How to delete a note

Watch Tutorial

​Moving a buoy

​How to move a buoy

Watch Tutorial

​Applying an NM Block

​​How to apply an NM Block

Watch Tutorial ​

​What to do if you make a mistake

​How to remove mistakes made during updates

Watch Tutorial​​​


​Leisure Chart Updating

We also provide Notices to Mariners (NMs) for our Leisure chart series, as well as guidance on how to apply these updates to Leisure Charts. 

Download the Guide to Keeping Leisure Charts up-to-date ​​​>​

Sending copies of ADMIRALTY Charts and Publications 

A statement on the copying and transmission of ADMIRALTY charts to vessels at sea.

Sending copies of ADMIRALTY Charts and Publications to vessels at sea >

Each ADMIRALTY Standard Nautical Chart has a recommended retail price of £28.00. ​Please note that all prices do not include VAT and other local taxes. A full list of these charts, their coverage and available scales can be viewed in the ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions catalogue (NP131).

Paper Products Price List

To find out more information or to organise purchase, please contact your ADMIRALTY Distributor. If you don’t have a preferred distributor
, you can search a list of worldwide, experienced and trusted distributors on our How to Buy page.

Find an ADMIRALTY Distributor >

The ADMIRALTY Digital Catalogue (ADC) can also provide you with a comprehensive reference of all ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions. To find out more about the ADC, please click here.​