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Marine Data Portal

Marine geospatial data from seabed to surface

The ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal provides access to marine data sets held by the UK Hydrographic Office within the UK Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal replaces the INSPIRE Portal as the place to search and download data sets including:

  • Offshore Infrastructure

  • Vertical Offshore Reference Frame (VORF)

  • Wrecks and Obstructions

  • Bathymetry

  • Ships’ Routeing

  • Contours

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About our data

The UK Hydrographic Office is a world-leading centre for hydrography, providing marine geospatial data to help others to unlock a deeper understanding of the world’s oceans.

Working with a wide range of partners, we source, process and provide access to this data, ranging from seabed to surface. This is key to helping others to make the best use of our oceans in safer, more secure and more sustainable ways.

We make location-based information available through ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions, our world-leading range of charts, publications and custom data sets.

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​​NEW - Paid ADMIRALTY Apps and Services

Offshore Infrastructure - An accurate and trustworthy database of over 7,500 surface and subsurface offshore energy installations and infrastructure in UK waters, including oil and gas platforms, wind turbines, well heads, pipelines and respective safety zones.

Vertical Offshore Reference Frame (VORF) - A faster, more accurate, more cost-effective method for calculating tidal reductions for surveys, planning and modelling in UK coastal and offshore zones.

Wrecks and Obstructions - An extensive range of information on over 24,000 wrecks and undefined obstructions in UK waters, from the UK government’s hydrographic and marine geospatial experts.


New data sets include offshore infrastructure and VORF


Bathymetry - Bathymetric surveys from various sources including over 4,000 bathymetry surfaces from 1970 to present day. The bathymetry data is updated every three months and a large number have been funded by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), an executive agency sponsored by the Department for Transport, under the Civil Hydrography Programme.

Maritime Limits – Download maritime limits and boundaries as data sets or illustrations for the UK EEZ, UK Crown Dependencies and UK Overseas Territories.

Ships’ Routeing - Ships’ Routeing Measures as approved by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), and/or the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) (as National Competent Authority).

Wrecks – Over 8,000 live and charted wrecks around the UK as maintained by the UKHO's Marine Geospatial Data Management team.

You can access available bathymetry and contour data within the UK EEZ

ADMIRALTY Apps and Services

Contour App - View contours and dredged areas derived from Electronic Navigation Charts within the UK EEZ in a GIS web app.

PEXA Limits App - View authoritative Practice and Exercise Area (PEXA) Limits within the UK EEZ in a GIS web app.

Below we've included some key information about our data sets, including output formats and update frequency. For more information, please log in to our Marine Data Portal.

Access the ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal >


​Data set
​Output formats

Data set update frequency
​Offshore Infrastructure
​Shape, GeoJSON, CSV
Quarterly​UK EEZ​
​Vertical Offshore Reference Frame (VORF)
.VRF​​Every 10 years
​Wrecks and Obstructions
​Shape, GeoJSON, CSV
Quarterly​​UK EEZ
​Maritime Limits
​Shapefile, CSV, Excel, File Geodatabase, GeoJSON, Feature Collection
As required​​UK EEZ, UK Crown Dependencies and UK Overseas Territories
​Ships' Routeing
​Shapefile, CSV, Excel, File Geodatabase, GeoJSON, Feature Collection
As required​UK EEZ​
Shapefile, CSV, Excel, File Geodatabase, GeoJSON, Feature Collection​Annually​​UK EEZ
​Contour App
​Web App 
​PEXA Limits App
​Web App 

​​To access the portal and download each of our data sets, you will need to create a free login. You can do this by following our simple sign up process.

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Data sets, Apps and Services

Many ADMIRALTY marine data sets, apps and services can be viewed or downloaded for free from the portal. Each set covers the UK Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) as standard and has been compiled by marine geospatial experts at the UK Hydrographic Office. These include:

  • Bathymetry

  • Maritime limits

  • Ships’ Routeing

  • Wrecks (standard)

  • PEXA Limits App

  • Offshore Infrastructure App

  • Contour App



Each VORF data set covers approximately 10km2 of the UK EEZ and crown dependencies. Each set is approximately 900m resolution as standard, 100m resolution for rivers and estuaries and meets industry recognised International Hydrographic Organisation Standards.  Each of these VORF areas is available at the following prices:


​Number of areas
Price (per area)​
1-5 areas​£180​
6-10 areas​£100​
11-60 areas​£80​
61+ areas​Price on application​
Single data point​£100​


Wrecks and obstructions data set

Contains additional attributes not found in our standard wrecks data set, including survey details, status and vessel dimensions. Covering the UK EEZ, this single data set is available for £300 (including VAT).

Offshore installation data set

A full set of offshore installation data covering the UK EEZ is available for £300 (including VAT).