05 October 2021

Decommissioning of the B2B SOAP Services was successfully completed on 28 September 2021.

In 2018 we announced that the B2B SOAP Services would be retired, following the development of brand new B2B REST APIs.

After gathering valuable feedback from our users, we have now developed the B2B REST Services, which means we were able to retire the B2B SOAP Services on 28 September 2021.

Users are now able to use the B2B REST APIs only, as the B2B SOAP Services have lost functionality. Furthermore, the UK Hydrographic Office's Technical and Customer Services teams will now only provide support for the B2B REST Service users.

The B2B REST Services offer a very comprehensive range of APIs to supply datasets that are fully supported, maintained and updated to ensure SOLAS-compliance for Port State Inspection (i.e. for data permits such as AVCS, ADP and AENP). 

Documentation to help customers develop their own B2B REST Services solution, use the current B2B REST Services APIs and integrate all APIs to their systems, can be found on the ADMIRALTY Developer Portal.

For any further assistance or feedback, please contact us at products.feedback@ukho.gov.uk


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