Guidance for uploading images

In response to customer feedback, we recognise that mariners value good quality, up-to-date images of relevant coastal views and features in our series of ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions.

As we develop future versions of ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions, we want images to help us deliver high-quality, relevant information to mariners worldwide.

If you have a suitable image, please follow the guidance outlined below and upload your images via the link provided.

Type of views and features


We are looking for images of landmarks or critical features valuable for mariners to see and read about to support safe navigation. Examples of this include:

  • Landmarks – lighthouses, towers, conspicuous buildings etc

  • Leading marks/beacons
  • Views on entry into ports
  • Conspicuous topography, islands, headlands etc
  • Views of berths in the port

Image quality


Your images must be clear, useful and in the correct format. To ensure your images are usable, please follow the guidance below:

  • Provide images in .jpg, .bmp, or .tiff format
  • Provide images in their original quality and size (this enables our teams to crop and resize the image as required)
  • Where possible, provide images from the viewpoint of a vessel looking towards the feature/coast; drone imagery or photographs that replicate the view from the bridge are valuable
  • Avoid images containing people or where the vessel obscures large parts of the view

Click on the images below to learn more about each image example.

Image naming


Correctly naming the files will help us identify the feature captured in the image, the area that feature is located and how to accredit the image owner in the product.

Please name your images in the following format to ensure we can use the image correctly:
NPxx_Description of image_Name of Owner_MMYY date taken

  • ‘NPxx’ – The Sailing Directions volume in which this image should be located (e.g. NP27_).
  • 'Description of image’ – Include the name of the feature (as described in Sailing Directions) and the name of the port/area where possible.
  • ‘Name of Owner’ – The name of the individual or company that should be shown alongside the image in the product.
  • ‘MMYY date taken’ – Include the month and year the image was taken (approximate if required) in the format MMYY.

An example of correct naming would be:
NP27_Plymouth Mallard Shoal Beacon from W_Joe Bloggs_0422

Channel marker in Plymouth Sound


By submitting your images, you are giving the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) permission to use these images in ADMIRALTY publications, products and services.

Upload your image