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About Us

Informing maritime decisions

The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) is a world-leading centre for hydrography, specialising in marine geospatial data that helps others to unlock a deeper understanding of the world's oceans.

Working with a wide range of partners, we source, process and provide access to this data, ranging from seabed to surface. This is key to helping people make the best use of our oceans in safer, more secure and more sustainable ways.

Take a look at how we are unlocking a deeper understanding of the world's oceans: for safer navigation, for the marine economy and for the future of our planet.

We share this data with governments, defence users and academia, as well as make it available through our portfolio of ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions. This includes our world-leading range of navigational charts, publications and data sets which can be found on board over 90% of ships trading internationally.

We're continuing to innovate so that we can meet the evolving needs of these users and reach wider markets. As our marine data and technology capabilities grow, we will help those working in the blue economy to make better decisions and truly make the most of the world's oceans.

Find out more about the work we do, our history and the services we offer in our Corporate Brochure