For coastal and island nations, extreme weather events pose a significant threat. And in these challenging situations, the Royal Navy has been a lifeline for many communities affected – bringing in aid and relief when they need it most.

In support of these efforts, the UKHO is relied upon to gather the information needed for aid and vital supplies to be delivered quickly and safely. In the past, this work has ranged from carrying out port assessments and finding alternative landing sites, to conducting surveys necessary to help ships navigate waterways that have been changed by extreme weather events.

In 2019, Hurricane Dorian was one such extreme weather event. The Category 5 hurricane caused widespread devastation for communities across the Caribbean, leaving an estimated 76,000 people in the Bahamas without a home. By helping HMS Protector and RFA Mounts Bay to carry out relief efforts and deliver humanitarian aid, we were able to play a part in supporting those affected.

2020 saw a vastly different state of emergency with the outbreak of COVID-19, which not only affected larger nations but many smaller UK Overseas Territories across the globe. In response, our teams were on hand to support the Royal Navy as part of Operation Broadshare, helping ships to reach these territories to deliver emergency supplies such as food, medicine and personal protective equipment amidst the pandemic.

We’re proud to support the Royal Navy in carrying out this vital work and will continue to support efforts in the aftermath of the pandemic, so that together we can provide emergency relief to those who need it most.

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