About the event

As part of London International Shipping Week, UKHO hosted an in-person panel discussion with experts from across the maritime industry.

Following this, we hosted a live webinar which is available for you to watch below. This discussion was  introduced by UKHO Chief Executive Peter Sparkes, which included a live discussion as well as a look back on some of the key conversations from our panel.

About the webinar


The session outlined some of the challenges and opportunities that will be transformative for the shipping industry, primarily focussed on decarbonisation and digitalisation. 

Peter was joined by Thomas Mellor, Head of Technical Partnerships, to discuss in more detail, the key conversations from our panel at London International Shipping Week which was followed by a live Q&A.


Watch the recording of the live webinar with insights from London International Shipping Week on the latest technological advances and how data can help inform decisions towards achieving decarbonisation targets.

About the event


Shipping is undergoing a period of significant change. From exciting advances in digitalisation to ambitious targets for decarbonisation, the industry faces a range of new challenges and opportunities that it must navigate.

Data will have an important role to play. With access to high-quality, timely data, we can make more responsible decisions to address some of our shared challenges and leverage the opportunities we face. These decisions could support more optimised voyages, unlock increased efficiencies, enable decreased fuel consumption, and help reduce the environmental impact of operations.

The webinar shared insights from our panel discussion as part of London International Shipping Week where we explored the latest technological advances and how data can help inform decisions in support of our shared decarbonisation goals.



Find out more about the speakers who led the discussion. 

Peter Sparkes Headshot

Peter Sparkes

Job description
Chief Executive

As Chief Executive, Peter leads the UK Hydrographic Office’s important work in supporting safe, secure and thriving oceans.

Before joining the UKHO, Peter served as a Rear Admiral in the Royal Navy, where he worked in a wide variety of appointments both at sea on operations and ashore. Notably, he commanded the frigate HMS CUMBERLAND on counter-piracy patrol off Somalia and the UK’s Ice Patrol Ship, HMS PROTECTOR, in Antarctica. In addition to this, he commanded the 44 units (aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigates, mine-hunters, patrol vessels, and the maritime explosive ordinance disposal teams) of the Portsmouth Flotilla.

Tom Mellor

Thomas Mellor

Job description
Head of Technical Partnerships

As Head of Technical Partnerships, Tom leads the UKHO's collaboration with technical partners, including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), enabling the development of e-navigation products and S-100 solutions for Electronic Chart and Information Display Systems (ECDIS). Tom works at the forefront of the latest ‘next generation’ navigation technologies to support the implementation of new standards that can help improve safety, efficiency and optimisation.

Panel details

Find out more about our panel discussion

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Panel discussion details

The session started with an introduction from the UKHO, outlining the scale of some of the challenges being faced by shipping today, along with some of the data standards and digital solutions of tomorrow that could lead to transformative benefits for the industry.

Delegates heard from a panel of industry leaders and experts across the maritime industry. These panellists provided their unique perspectives on some of the most important topics across the industry, including digitalisation, decarbonisation and how we can use data to support better decision-making. 

At the end of the discussion, the audience posed many questions to the experts through a live Q&A.

Read our blog about the conversations that took place during the UKHO's panel discussion from London International Shipping Week 2023.

Meet the panellists


Learn about our latest initiatives and projects supporting decarbonisation and digitalisation across the shipping industry. 

Supporting decarbonisation

The UKHO is exploring how unlocking the power of marine geospatial data can support decarbonisation in the maritime industry.


Advances across the maritime industry are driving autonomy, connectivity and smarter use of our oceans.

The innovation happening today is underpinning the maritime decisions of tomorrow. To empower users for the future, we're continuing to collaborate to develop the next generation of maritime solutions. 

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