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As the maritime industry evolves, we know seafarers’ needs are evolving too. With more innovative solutions and more granular data than ever, we’re ensuring our ADMIRALTY products and services support navigation today and for generations to come.

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Supporting you now and into the future

Digitalisation and decarbonisation are transforming the global shipping industry.

The adoption of digital technologies and improved satellite connectivity is transforming the way the shipping industry operates – dramatically improving the way data is shared from shore to ship.

With more dynamic data delivery in future, seafarers will be able to optimise their passage planning, voyages and port calls, helping to minimise costs and fuel consumption. And with more efficient voyages, together we can reduce our impact on the marine environment and help meet the industry’s shared decarbonisation goals.

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The next generation of navigation


As digitalisation continues to transform the maritime industry, we recognise the requirement to evolve our ADMIRALTY portfolio to meet the changing needs of mariners.

To help shape the navigational solutions of tomorrow, our experts at the UK Hydrographic Office are working closely with partners across the industry to develop, test and implement a new set of technical standards: the IHO S-100 data framework.

Developed by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO), S-100 will be the standard for data exchange in the maritime industry. It provides a shared format for new maritime data products, enabling a greater breadth of data to be integrated into a single view. When combined, this provides a more comprehensive picture of the marine environment and even greater insight for users.

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Compliant, trusted products

In a changing maritime landscape, we recognise the needs of mariners are changing too.

We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and the wider maritime community with official products and services. As we transition towards an increasingly digital industry, we are innovating to ensure ADMIRALTY products and services are fit to support navigation today and for generations to come.

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Dangers of counterfeit ADMIRALTY products

Counterfeit products that have not been supplied by an authorised ADMIRALTY Distributor pose a significant danger to crews and vessels, as they have not been assessed or quality assured by UKHO experts. Learn more about how to spot counterfeit ADMIRALTY products.

Spotting counterfeit products

How to buy ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions

ADMIRALTY charts and publications can only be purchased from an approved ADMIRALTY Distributor and their suppliers. We have a global network of experienced and trusted distributors to help meet your navigation needs.