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17 October 2016

Quick guide to installing ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Planning Station 4.2

Please note: All versions of ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Planning Station and ADMIRALTY gateway are now retired from the market (29 January 2021). Please refer to the latest news release ( for further information. 

​ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Planning Station is a free back-of-bridge PC application that helps you to view, manage and update ADMIRALTY products on board.

Recently we released version 4.2, which includes improved reporting tools to support compliance and download estimations to help you manage internet costs on board. 

If you're an existing user, it's easy to upgrade to ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Planning Station 4.2 and take advantage of these features. Simply follow the instructions outlined below:

Request an ADMIRALTY Registration Key from your ADMIRALTY Chart Agent. 

This single registration key will be used for e-Navigator Planning Station and the e-NP Reader, depending on what you are licenced to use.

If you don't have a preferred Chart Agent, then you can search a list of worldwide ADMIRALTY Chart Agents on our find an ADMIRALTY Chart Agent page.

Find an ADMIRALTY Chart Agent >


When you have received your registration key, uninstall your previous versions of e-Navigator Planning Station and e-NP Reader.

These applications will no longer receive updates when version 4.2 has been activated. Failure to remove these products may cause issues with version 4.2 when installed. Your Chart Agent will also send you an ADMIRALTY gateway quarterly DVD.