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30 April 2015

Support navigational safety for ships around the world with the ADMIRALTY H-Note App

​​​​​​​The ADMIRALTY H-Note App provides you with a simple new way to send the UKHO reports on suspected dangers to navigation or changes observed in aids to navigation. Free to download and easy to use, the application takes advantage of your mobile’s built-in camera and GPS to help gather important navigational information and to e-mail it to the UKHO once your vessel is in a WiFi or cellular coverage area.

The information you send through this app can be vital to supporting the safety of ships at sea so we’ve outlined some ways in which you can enhance your H-Notes and save time during submission. You can also find out how to download the H-Note app for Apple or Android devices here.


Easily capture and attach images to your H-Notes

Port facilities are frequently subject to change, so your H-Notes can help us to ensure that our information on these ports is up-to date. With the ADMIRALTY H-Note App, you can enhance these reports by capturing and attaching images with your phone’s camera.

How to use this feature:​

  • Select the H-Note type you’d like to send​

  • Once all fields have been filled out, select ‘Add Pictures’

  • From here you can either import photos from your phone’s library or capture a new photo using your phone’s camera. Please note there is a limit of 8 MB for images.

  • Don’t forget to save each added picture and save again when all pictures are added

A quick and easy way to submit H-Notes

To help you save time when creating an H-Note, your details are stored separately and added automatically to each submission. If you do not want your details to become part of the H-Note report, select the ‘Not willing to be named as source’ box before submission.

How to edit your details:

  • When you first open the H-Note app you will be asked to provide your details. When you submit any H-Note, these details will be attached unless you tick the ‘Not willing to be named as source’ box.

  • Changing these details is easy. This can be done by selecting the settings cog on the app’s home screen followed by the ‘Your Details’ button. Here you can change your details to ensure the UKHO receives up to date vessel and contact information.

Include positions in seconds

Providing accurate positions when reporting observations or knowledge of positional error is essential when submitting certain H-Notes. By selecting the app’s ‘Use Phone Location’ you can easily add your current position via your phone’s GPS when WIFI or coverage is available.

How to use this feature:

  • Select the H-Note type you’d like to s​end

  • Once all fields have been filled out, select the ‘Use Phone Location’ box. You must ensure that your phone allows the app to use your current location.


Have you got the ADMIRALTY H-Note App? You can find out how to download it for free in Apple and Android formats here​.